Meet Noah C Cornelius: Upcoming Singer-Songwriter in Charlotte, NC

Noah C Cornelius is a singer, songwriter, actor and dancer from Charlotte, NC. A recent high school graduate, he will be attending Belmont University in Nashville, TN this fall.

With influence from his father, Lionel, Cornelius is a one-of-a-kind artist on the rise. With tremendous talent across a few different arts, his singing and songwriting tends to combine new-school hip-hop vibes with the flare of old-school pop and disco. Cornelius got his start in the music industry with guidance from his father at a young age, and continues to develop his talents everyday.

Cornelius is a Charlotte local to the core as he was born and raised here. He began singing at the age of 5, released his first single Heart Throbbing! at the age of 14, and has not slowed down since. When attending Belmont University, Noah plans to study Commercial Voice while simultaneously pursuing his singing-songwriting career in the music industry.

Noah C Cornelius’s music is available to listen to on both iTunes and Spotify, and he has a new album coming soon. To learn more about Noah C Cornelius and to follow his music, visit the Lionel Cornelius Entertainment website here: http://lionelcentertainment.com/