Meet The Bakalao Stars - Charlotte's Premier Latin Ska & Reggae Group

The Bakalao Stars are a Latin ska and reggae band based in Charlotte, NC that bring great vibes and enthusiasm everywhere they perform. Since first coming together in 2002, the group has toured up and down the east coast releasing four albums along the way.

The Bakalao Stars combine the rhythms of Latin ska, reggae, and punk rock to captivate audiences with catchy, upbeat melodies throughout their music. The group has gained tremendous popularity in the Queen City over the years as they regularly perform at venues and festivals throughout the greater Charlotte area.

The Bakalao Stars will be performing at Amos Southend on Halloween night. Can’t wait until then to get a taste of their music? We don’t blame you. All four of their albums, including Azuka which was released this year, are available for listening on Spotify and other streaming platforms. For a taste of what you can expect to see at their live performances, check out the music video for their song Momentos Kodak off of their latest album.

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