Introducing charlez360 - A Charlotte-Based Saxophonist Whose Music Will Inspire You

Charlie Lamprecht, known on stage as charlez360, is a saxophonist, singer and guitarist originally from Berlin, Germany. Now residing in the Queen City, Lamprecht’s amazing talents have swept through the Charlotte music scene.

charlez360 hits on several genres of music, seamlessly crossing elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop and RnB. Performing both originals and amazingly unique covers, charlez360’s music is uplifting and the epitome of a treat to the ears. His ability to combine original saxophone play with popular songs of both today and yesterday is simply wonderful.

charlez360 has released two albums and seven EPs to date, all of which can be found on Spotify. Additionally, his YouTube channel has generated tremendous publicity where many of his distinctive covers can be enjoyed. The video below is just one such example as it showcases a cover of the song Circles by Post Malone, during which Lamprecht enters with the saxophone at the 0:34 mark and proceeds to dazzle for the ensuing three minutes. We suggest pausing reading this article to give it a listen – you won’t want the song to end.

Lamprecht is also the front-man tenor saxophonist for AKITA, a 6-piece funk band based in Charlotte, NC. Drawing on influences like James Brown, The Meters, Lettuce and many others, AKITA has an upcoming show on Thursday, December 12th at Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts in Charlotte when they open for George Porter Jr. Find all the details on the event’s Facebook page.

Lamprecht’s talent is undeniable, and his inspirational music fills the room with happiness. Stay updated with all of charlez360’s music and upcoming show announcements by liking him on Facebook, following him on Instagram, and subscribing to his YouTube channel.