Don't Miss the Courtney Lynn & Quinn Album Release Show at Visulite Theatre on Saturday!

If you’re in Charlotte and you haven’t had the opporunity to see Courtney Lynn & Quinn live yet, Saturday is your chance. An original CCG Featured Charlotte Artist, the talented Americana/Folk band is unveiling their debut EP, titled Remiss, with an album release show this Saturday night at Visulite Theatre.

CLQ puts on an incredible performance. With a knack for getting the entire crowd involved, this is a show that the Charlotte music scene won’t want to miss.

We were lucky enough to catch up with both Courtney Lynn and Quinn ahead of their upcoming show. From the inspirations behind their new album, to where they came from and what they hope to achieve, the two graciously took the time to talk about their story with us. Check out our full interview with Courtney Lynn & Quinn below, and don’t miss the release of their debut EP Remiss during their upcoming concert at Visulite Theatre tomorrow night (1/18). They will also be joined by two other talented bands –  Kaska Sun from Charlotte, and Darby Wilcox from Greenville, SC.

You both moved to Charlotte from Phoenix, AZ in 2016 to pursue music together. What is it that caused you to choose Charlotte as your new home?

It was actually happenstance. Our plan was to move to Nashville, but as you might expect moving across the country can be expensive. We had some incredible friends in Charlotte who offered to put up for a few months while we got on out feet, and in the process, we fell in love with Charlotte. From booking shows, to making new friends, Charlotte felt natural, like home. So now it is home.

Your upcoming album, Remiss, has already generated a lot of hype and attention. What has been the most exciting part of the process for you from inception to release?

Hearing things come together is always exciting. We are fortunate to be surrounded by very talented musicians. When the collaboration of sound from each artist creates the song, it’s a really euphoric moment. It has also been very encouraging to hear so much positive feedback!

What has been the most difficult part?

We have such high hopes for this album that it can be a challenge to not over-think. There will always be room for growth and betterment, but at some point, you just have to put it out, let it be, and hope people respond well.

Where does the name Remiss come from?

Remiss comes from lyric in the song “Better” The word means to lack care or to be negligent. The album uncovers personal stories of both being hurt and learning how to do better.

What kind of show can listeners and fans expect to see at Visulite Theatre on Saturday 1/18?

 Kaska Sun drew us in from the moment we heard them! They take the best of the 90’s with a modern element that makes them both nostalgic and fresh. We were equally as infatuated with Darby Wilcox. I remember listening to her sing by the fire feeling so captivated with her voice and lyricism! We are excited to share the stage with these talented artists because they will make this show diverse and showcase three distinctive sounds.

What are your 2020 goals for the new album and your music as a whole?

We certainty have specific goals and aspirations that we will strive for in 2020. We hope to grow as individual musicians and as a band. We would love to play some more festivals and work with new artists. We hope to have a successful tour and reach new folks with our music, but at the end of the day we are so happy to do this for a living.

Is there anything more you would like to highlight about your album, your music, or anything else?

We want the people who follow our music, whether it be for two years or one day, to know how appreciative we are. We took a chance to pursue what we love, and we’ve made it this far because of the kindness and support. We are so thankful and we can’t wait for what the future holds.