Get Tickets to All Your Favorite Concerts with These 3 Simple Tips

Residing in the Queen City, we are blessed to welcome such talented artists and musicians to our stages on a regular basis. And with the names that have already visited or been announced to visit in 2020, this year is shaping up to be one of Charlotte’s finest. With one can’t-miss concert after another, there is so much to look forward to across all genres of music.

But with lots of anticipation comes competition for purchasing tickets. Especially for big name artists, concert tickets can sell out at in a matter of minutes. While it is usually possible to purchase tickets even after a show is “sold out,” you will certainly be paying a premium when doing so. The earlier you can purchase tickets for a popular concert, the more affordable the cost will be. To help, we put together three tips to guide you through purchasing tickets to concerts in Charlotte during the 2020 season.

1. Log In 15 Minutes Before the Tickets Go On Sale

Regardless of the platform you are using to purchase your tickets, be sure you are logged in before the sale starts, with time to spare. We recommend logging in 15 minutes early.

2. Make Sure Your Payment Info is Accurate

Check to be sure that your payment information is properly linked to your account, and that your information is accurate before the sale begins. The last thing you need is to miss out on your perfect tickets because a mistyped street address delayed your purchase.

3. Have a Plan of Attack

Be ready to act fast. The more popular the concert, the faster the tickets will sell. Figure out ahead of time a primary section that you want to be in, and a secondary section that will be your fallback option in case your first choice sells out too fast.

Follow these quick, simple tips and you’ll be sure to score tickets to all your favorite artists coming to the QC this year. Curious to know who’s scheduled to visit? Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for weekly lineup updates, and check out our recent post of the top 11 concerts scheduled in Charlotte so far.