Check Out The Dirty Low Down: Charlotte's Alternative Rock Band w/ Something for Everyone

The Dirty Low Down is an alternative rock band based locally in Charlotte, NC. Made up of five members, the band formed in the fall of 2017 and has since generated a passionate fanbase within the Queen City’s alternative and heavy metal scene.

The 5-piece group features Michael Lowe on vocals, Quinn Chavez on lead guitar, Carlo Swepson on rhythm guitar, Jordan Hamm on bass, and Gabe Daley on drums. The Dirty Low Down currently has four singles available for listening on Spotify, with the reluctant ballad Shameless and the pop-punk anthem Disregard providing “an introduction to (their) core sound featuring pop vocals, grunge and post-hardcore guitar licks, and a groove-centric rhythm section.”

The band as a whole noted the following when asked if they draw on any musical inspirations – “We’re all unapologetically metal heads by nature but our influences are all over the map. We focus on groove and feel, and generally find ourselves drawn towards the more progressive sides of things. We frequently reference contemporaries like Mars Volta, Dance Gavin Dance, and Paramore when writing, and don’t shy away from the catchy, pop side of things sometimes drawing inspiration from Childish Gambino, Willow Smith and Travis Scott. I mean, why limit yourself?”

When asked what makes their music unique, the group had this to say – “Intentionally or not, we have something for everyone. Need a catchy hook? Check out Undercut. Want to dance a little? Hop onto Youtube and listen to our live take of On My Own. Fancy yourself a headbanger? The breakdown in Disregard has you covered. We have fun with our music and we only play what keeps us personally interested. It may sound like a mess of influences, but we approach things with finesse without losing the rawness that makes us, Us.”

Speaking of their live take of On My Own, here it is from their performance at Amos Southend in Charlotte during September of 2019:

The Dirty Low Down has an upcoming show at Skylark Social Club in Charlotte on Sunday 2/23. The group has big plans for 2020, with new merchandise, music and showdates coming soon. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to be sure you don’t miss an update.