The World Needs Well Drinkers - Carolina’s Own Newgrass Bluegrass

This week at Charlotte Concert Guide, we’re excited to announce our Featured Artist – Well Drinkers. Born and brewed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Carolina, this band will have you ready to crack open a cold beer on a summer night. Fire up the grill or the bonfire, pour a stiff drink, and pull up Well Drinkers on Spotify to add some Newgrass Bluegrass to your evening.

These guys really know their way around the strings, playing a variety of instruments like mandolin, Dobro lap guitar, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and more. With incredible finger picking, smooth harmonies, and intoxicating vocals, this band puts their own spin on the familiar sounds of the bluegrass genre. These experienced musicians play at a high degree of difficulty, but it’s easy to forget when you’re listening to their songs because it all blends together better than ginger ale and whiskey.

Back in 2018, Jake and Adam Bachman started this music project out of sheer circumstance. Adam and Jake had grown up playing music together their whole life, but they had only taken the spotlight in front of a crowd once before – at their sister’s wedding. One night, Adam was scheduled to play a gig with a friend, but his counterpart wasn’t feeling well before the show and couldn’t perform. Adam asked Jake to fill in, and the rest is history. These two brothers from the Blue Ridge Mountains may not have planned to start this way, but we’re definitely glad the stars aligned to give the world more Well Drinkers. 

Jake primarily handles mandolin and lead vocals, while Adam takes care of the Dobro lap guitar and harmony vocals. Over time, the duo has filled out the band, adding Josh Riley for upright bass and backup vocals, as well as Matt Fassas for lead acoustic guitar and backup vocals. Josh is from Pickens County, SC and gained experience in the New Orleans jazz scene and recording industry. Matt hails from Eastern Kentucky, and when he’s not jamming with the band he’s teaching music in his current hometown – nearby Greenville, SC.

Well Drinkers travels throughout the southeast playing events and festivals, and they are self-described as “offering their own brand of Neo-Appalachian Newgrass, with a twist of Swampgrass and Delta-Blues.” With all of these southern roots, it’s not hard to imagine why the beauty of bluegrass holds such a special influence over these musicians. At Charlotte Concert Guide, we’re eager to see what the future holds for this talented group of artists.