Today at Charlotte Concert Guide we’re bringing you the album review of ‘Ready, Set, Let Go’ by Nathan C. Davis. This is Vol. 1 of his project and contains three awesome songs, so make sure you keep an eye out for even more new music in the near future. Nathan C. Davis is an Army brat that hails from San Diego and has lived all over the country. Ever since moving to Charlotte he’s been a regular performer in solo, duo, trio and full-band gigs at a variety of different venues, often averaging 200 shows a year. Nathan started writing for himself a couple years ago and recorded ‘Ready, Set, Let Go‘ back in November of 2019. He has really done it all – he mastered it twice, learned how to market a brand, set up a line of merch, created the album art and even handled the graphic design for his brand logo. Here’s what he had to say about the project: “I spent the months making the days count, rather than counting days. I wrote a bunch of new music, and even learned how to make a livestream with studio grade audio on almost any platform. This record is a labor of love, and source of sanity and solace during a crazy isolated time this past year.

You can find out more on his website and be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram. You can stream ‘Ready, Set, Let Go’ on Apple Music, iTunes, or Spotify via his streaming link. While you’re listening, make sure to read along with the song descriptions provided by Nathan C. Davis himself:

5, 10, 15, 20

This song is a fun trip down memory lane that recalls what once was, how much of that never really changed, and how much of those experiences create who I am today.  Our experiences and how we learn from them, really is a process. One that in time, helps us move forward as better versions of ourselves.  And reminds us to be fully aware that we aren’t perfect but also fully accountable for who we become.  

I Can’t Think Of One

This song is about those times that you really think you have all the right ideas about how you should be doing things, for the right reasons, and for what makes sense.  And then you’re reminded that sometimes things don’t go as planned and maybe you’re overthinking everything.  Sometimes you should just let things be and let life come to you.  

This Ain’t A Love Song

A song about how life isn’t perfect…and neither are we.  Most of the time, it makes more sense to just get out of your own way, cut loose, and let life come to you.  You know…Try things, take a chance.  No matter how the world says we need to look, act, behave a certain way, and oftentimes just being ourselves and being present leads to good things.  The only way to guarantee a no answer to a question…is to never ask it.