Get to Know U-Phonik, a Charlotte-Based Alternative Rock Band

U-Phonik is an alternative rock band based in Charlotte, NC that puts on an incredible show. Playing all over the southeast and as far west as Austin, TX, the band performs about 100 times every year.

From live bar music to large festivals, U-Phonik has rocked crowds of all sizes. Performing a mix of originals and covers, the band plays songs by several different artists, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Radiohead, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and many more.

U-Phonik is made up of four members: Stephan Angers of Quebec, QC, Mike Salvatore of Hawthorne, NJ, Rick Pope of Charlotte, NC, and Jeff Vogel also of Charlotte, NC. Angers is the lead on vocals and plays guitar; Salvatore is on the drums and vocals; Pope plays the bass guitar as well as vocals; and Vogel is the lead guitarist and also sings vocals.

U-Phonik has had original music featured in movies, on television, and receive regular radio play in the United States and Canada. The band originally entered the Charlotte concert scene in 1991 and has rocked bars and venues in the area and nationwide ever since.

Check out one of U-Phonik’s shows when you get the chance – they’re incredibly talented.  To view their upcoming shows, learn more about the band, and more, visit their website here: http://u-phonik.com/.