Crab Rangoons from the Dragon Boat Food Truck at PNC Music Pavilion Are a Must-Have

As avid concert goers, our team at Charlotte Concert Guide always makes a point to try out new foods at each concert venue. With several concerts at PNC Music Pavilion recently, we have tried our fair share of items off the various food menus to choose from.

If you’ve attended a concert at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte this summer, you’ve likely seen the Dragon Boat food truck. If you haven’t seen it, it’s usually parked to the right of the bathrooms when exiting the seats on the right side of the venue. With an assortment of classic Asian food dishes including General Tso’s chicken, chicken hibachi, sesame chicken, and much more, we recently had one item that stood out among the rest.

The crab rangoons from the Dragon Boat food truck are to die for. Seriously – these things are incredible. After being fried to near perfection, the crispy-crunchiness is on point. Each rangoon is the perfect two-bite size, and the crab & cream cheese filling is not only delicious, but also of the ideal proportion. And to make it even better, the appetizer portion is rather generous making it one of the best deals at the Pavilion. While so many food items at concert venues tend to have inflated prices strictly because of the setting, the crab rangoon appetizer from the Dragon Boat food truck is a savory bang for your buck.

For crab rangoon lovers, these are a must try the next time you attend a concert at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC. And even for those who don’t love crab rangoons, these deserve a chance. The quality and deliciousness rivals that of the finest Asian restaurants in the area.

Charlotte Concert Guide approved? Yes, and highly recommended.

Learn more and view the entier Dragon Boat menu by visiting their website here: http://www.dragonboatcharlotte.com/